Saturday, April 1, 2017

The 2017 Resolutions - Check In - Another Month Passed

April Fools day. Spring is here and th days are flying by.

Although life is weird for me right now and I am actually living for others more than myself I am still trying my best to fulfill my own goals for the year. Finding balance is the hardest thing to do in life, I can only wish life was not as complicated as it is but God gives me what I can handle so I will keep on going.

This year I also picked a word for my year, what I wish to accomplish. My word for the year is : Satisfaction. I picked this word because I want to feel satisfied with everything I do in the year 2017.

Okay lets get started with March accomplishments and failures :

My 2017 resolutions are :

1 - Buy Solar Panels and the accessories - Get off the grid.

Baby steps, right? That is how I should do this solar power thing. For those who do not know a solar power system can cost a pretty penny so before I invest I need to do a small project to see how this will work for me here, so I ordered a few motion detector lights for the house, I have wanted motion detection lights installed anyways so this will just nip that electrician bill in the bud and its a plus because I have to get up and turn on the flood lights when I hear something outside or the digs are going crazy barking at something. Next will be the solar light for the shed.

100% doing this! 
2- Write more- Finish the book and write another. Blog more for money.

I am writing more, however, I am not blogging for money. I can`t seem to find a site that lasts longer than 5 to 6 months before its belly up, well Niume does pay and I have just got my pay but I cannot continues to say that its blogging for money because I do not see how I could cash out again (for $10) since the upgrade blocked the organic traffic.

I plan to do better with my own blogs and try to set up some type of ads to pay me. But once again baby steps because this old dogs is learning new tricks.

The books : I did find the photos that will go with a couple of the chapters and I did pick it up but no I have not made time to add to either.

Fail? No. I did make money last month.

3 - Lose 25 pounds and get back on a vegetarian diet.

Three months into the year and I did lose weight, I dropped from 157 down to 149 and the last week of March the weigh in showed I had gained a pound. BUT wait a minute, have we not all heard muscle weighs more than fat?  The passed couple of weeks I have been working and building more muscle but I think that is just a cop out so I will say I gained a pound of fat and try to do better this month, I plan to walk 500 miles today mowing grass with a push mower.

The veggie diet, that is a fail, seems I am enjoying chicken and fish way to much!

Fail? Naa but I can do better.

4 - Learn to ask people for help.

Sometimes asking people for help is like I am ripping their soul right out with a pitch fork.

Its hard for me to trust people because history shows they will just use me.

So I will just learn to ask people for help when it comes to the professional side of my life and hire people for things I have to have repaired and be on the job to make sure its right.

This one is a fail because I just cant ask and expect the truth.

That is how my life is shaping up, my resolutions /Goals for the year 2017. How about yours? 

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. You are doing really well Andria. I am always in awe of your achievements. This oldie is also finding it hard to get paid for writing and I am trying to build my blog and probably will do amazon affiliates as I don't like adsense. The farm well The turkey house is nearly finished and we pick our babies next week so I am excited and at least I will have Turkey for Xmas dinner this year if I grow my maybe if they grow well I can sell a few , start small and who knows. Our crops are doing well lots of fruit so fingers crossed. Getting lots of storms at the moment overnight so there was some repairs going on this weekend...not so good as it delayed the start of the Turkey house but hey ho we cannot control the weather can we ? And everything else will have to take it's turn in the queue but you are doing really well :)

    1. Thank you. I have been thinking about chickens but I need a greenhouse more.

      Good luck on the turkeys.

  2. Going well for you!

    Looking at my word of the year and my inspiration board, I'm pretty much 100% fail.

    1. Well Nona, you still have time to get things in order.

  3. I keep trying to work on my books but not for living my life for others, that is all I is stressful..

  4. I'm still trying to clear stuff out of the house -- an ongoing project, but I have cleared about twenty boxes out so far this year. Hardly made a dent. Have to stop work on that to work on taxes now, and I also try to get a post out somewhere twice a week.

  5. Good for you for getting some use out of Niume!