Monday, April 17, 2017

Minimalism Monday - Slap - Slap! Snap Out Of It Woman!

Ever wanted to get in the car and just drive away? Leave all that... that junk, that clutter behind? I did once and now I have to deal with it, or what is left of it. 

No! its not at my house I live in but its at the old home place. I have been doing it slowly for 8 years. The first year I went hard and heavy at it, taking what I knew had value and sold it at weekly or monthly yard sales. Last Summer I did another couple of weeks of day after day after day of going through stuff, tossing most of it because lets face it, after a while things dry rot.

Last Monday I mowed the grass and cleaned the property and I went back Wednesday and worked inside I thought I had 2 empty containers but one was craft stuff I just let that go when the rain began because I needed to go through it outside. BUT I did rearrange the living room furniture and I got that roof repaired. And Friday while I was at work in the neighborhood I stopped by and I filled the trash can with a couple trash bags of old curtains and hand me downs that I would not wear, all of it was not worthy of donation.

Now to the house I live in :

I have managed to keep all the laundry up, since I have a 24/7 cancer patient living in the house. I do have to wash a load of laundry a day, I even have to wash the pillows every week.

I have been cooking just about all meals at home and I can say I am tired of the kitchen, I hate to wash dishes nowadays. I have been allowing them to stack up daily and do them once each night, may be the hard way but I can at least live in other parts of the house. I hand wash the dishes too.

I went through a massive amount of papers, There is no sense in having receipt from back in 2000, nor any bank statement from a bank that is not even around anymore all of this got burned, aint nobodies business! 

I got a ton of coupons put up and I am so addicted to using coupons that I need to get back off of them like I did last year, just chill for a while, it was hard to go cold turkey but..... I know I have said it before but maybe its time for me to just order the few coupons I use a month, I can get 2, 4 or 10 if I want and no more coupon clutter. I really only need toilet paper and paper products and animal feed. 

I took the loaned car back home so one car gone and two more to go, one need to be sold and the other I am giving to my sister. Get rid the junk yard look :)

The house has stayed picked up and neat, Although I do need to vacuum and dust but that is just normal weekly cleaning. 

The one thing I want to do this week is clean out the garage and the shed, I need to get rid of stuff before snakes get all under it. Living in the woods I have more than my share of snakes, rats and all other unwanted critters, its a constant battle. 

I also have the grass to mow and I need to put up another fence. 

We shall see how much I accomplish while working a regular job. 

How was your past week? Get anything major accomplished?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. I have not gotten much done. But, I have at least started.

    1. That is the point, to start. It takes time but you`ll get to where you want things to be.

  2. Not a lot...just bits and pieces i had no heart in it this last week but that will pass :( But as always you are doing really well.

    1. Things slow down but that is normal and I feel like I am behind already.

  3. I got rid of one bag of my ex fiance clothes. I have two more bagged up and ready to go. Right now I have my 16 yr old nephew staying with me. So, I am letting him see if he wants any of it. I have a ton of his cfrap to get rid of yet. Somethings I plan on selling.

    1. Sell it and get ALL the money you can out of it. Now you will have room for your stuff.