Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding life - Wednesday Check In

Doing the mad dash on this Wednesday check in day! 

I am not perfect and at times I do let something slide to go to work, My house loves to hoard cob webs and me being short and nearsighted, I don`t wear glasses in the house, I often do not see them.

When do I see all the mess?

When someone says " I will be there at 9 am" and you have one day, no one evening to clean up.

I will do a quick scan of my house and usually I will say to myself" CRAP! this place is nasty!" and do the mad dash to get it presentable.

I know some people say " Don`t worry just be yourself!"

Naw! This nastiness is not me and it stays clean till someone HAS to come work at the house or pops in for a visit while in town.

The dining room table looked like this on Monday, why? I am doing the tax prep and I have all the receipts scattered about in this messy system across the table.

I got half of it done the same night I had to make the call for help, I need a repair done.

After working Tuesday, I drove into the big city that is a 45 minute drive, took the patient to one doctors appointment and as soon as he was done at that one he had another, thank God they were just a couple blocks away from each other. Anyways I was exhausted not just from driving and waiting but from the stress of dealing the mental part of the job as well, I did not want to clean house!

BUT I did a little, I picked up the stray stuff and clean " his" area. 

I washed a load of whites but left them in the dryer, out of site out of mind, BUT clean!

Wiped down the kitchen and that was it.

However, I did get up a little earlier to clean the bathroom, yes I just cleaned in a few days ago but lets face it, men pee and when men pee all of it never makes it into the toilet. I find one place that will stink after a week and that is the bath mat in front of the toilet so I have three and I change them out often, washing the dirty mat. Instant smell better when that rug is gone.

Now I am waiting for the repairman to show up, oh did I mention he is also related, kin folk, cant have them talking now can I? :)

How are you managing on this mid week check in?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. With two men in my house I have do the bathroom daily

  2. I notice if I do a little cleaning every day. I get further than letting it go til the big day of cleaning. I was able to get a small space cleared out and moved around to make more room. I need to clean my desk off and straighten things up on it next. I will do that probably tonight.

    1. That is how I am having to clean since I am not home as much.