Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding life - Midweek Check In

After being gone for nearly a month in November and part of December life kind of got away from me here at home. Things were left unfinished, just managing to get by day by day.

I have a couple months of away from home work to do so I am on the road more than I am used to.


With the new year and new goals in life I got busy, although organizing is not one of those goals I still will keep up this lifestyle.


I can sit and think about what I want to get done and write it down OR I can get up and do what I want to get done.

I chose "Get`er Done!"

The first weekend of the month I did accomplish one "clean up/clean out" with the office closet. I got rid of a few things but for the most part it was just unorganized, things needed to go back into their place.

The water froze so I did not get any cleaning done and when it was fixed on late Monday night I began to wash up laundry, two loads.

Tuesday was changing the bedsheets, washing and drying and putting on the clean sheets.

Wednesday was a no brainer, no thoughts about what to clean before work because it was stinky, clean the bathroom! The common bathroom was bad, I had planned to clean it over the weekend but no water put that off till.... Wednesday! I also gathered the gallon water bottles and refilled them with water and stored those out in the garage. I put away all the plumbing supplies as well.

So far the first half of the week I have continued to clean the kitchen each night, meaning the dishes are done and put away. It has not been to hard since we are not eating much these days, A pizza for Tony and a bag of veggies for me.  I have been managing to shop for extra foods on the way home in the evening, using coupons so there will be easy to cook food. Usually I cook whatever they want, I have not had any cravings of late.

That is the check in for mid week.

How about you? Accomplished anything?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. I really need to set goals for myself and get er done too. I'm not accomplishing as much as I'd like.

    1. I think writing them down is one way to get started and start small.

  2. I accomplished to get my kitchen looking more of a kitchen. I still have more to go. At least the many empty boxes are no longer in there.