Monday, January 16, 2017

Minimalism Monday - Work And My Home

Its Monday again, how did your past week go?

I have to say that last week was an up and down work cycle, some days I was on call and did not know if I was to work or not till 8 am each day, so I did not actually plan anything and if I did not have to work I would clean something around my home.

When I found out I did not have to work on Thursday I did take that day of to rest, I caught up on sleep for the most part.

But Friday the 13th. came around and I did not have to work that day either (I thank God) so I made this day worthwhile. 

I mopped those dirty floors! 

When the ice and snow storm passed through it left everything outside muddy and that comes inside when you do, especially in the laundry room because I used that entrance the most due to the ice lingering in the front. The floors were filthy so I mopped the laundry room, the pantry and the kitchen.

I also have been doing paper work, some for the business and some that was in a box. I got half of both done. For the business I am doing the receipts for taxes and the box is personal papers. For the personal papers I am to the conclusion that I need a shredder.

Seems I cannot get away from laundry.

Tony messed up his bed again so I had to wash those sheets. 

And since the throw rug at the back door was mudded I took up the bathroom bath mat and washed those together. I did hang all that outside to dry, we are having nice temps.

I messed up the kitchen a couple times last week canning potatoes and cleaned that back up.

I kept the recyclable dropped off at the donation bins in my way out to work and made sure all the trash was out daily.

On Sunday I worked outside. I just do not know where all this trash comes from. I actually picked up an entire trash bag, filled to the top!

I also clip coupons on Sunday, actually in the evening while watching T.V., I got those clipped and filed in the binder.

I don`t feel like I accomplished a lot but if I had not done anything I guarantee I would know it!

How was your week? 

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Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Mopped floors, washed sheets, set out recycling? You accomplished several good things!