Saturday, July 30, 2016

What Did July Bring? Resolutions 2016

July, the seventh month of the year has now passed and you may wonder, or not, if anyone has kept those resolutions? After all things don`t just happen over night, sometimes it takes seven months or maybe 12 months to get it done. Who has forgotten what they were? 

Sure there are days, or a month, that I forget about me and my goals but then it will keep coming back when I look around at my life, Plus I write down my yearly resolutions.

Lets begin and see what seven months has accomplished in my life.

One - Stop shopping so much and use up the stockpile. 

This one is easy its an accomplishment, I did not stockpile any store bought food except a case of tomatoes and I have been using all of the stockpile, to the point that I did run out of products. Ketchup being one.

I still do and I probably always will stock on toilet paper, try to, but hey! I need my toilet paper.

However, since I am crossing the line of buying and making I am home canning food I grow or that neighbors grow and share, so I am stocking on home grown foods.

Two - Start a new business.

Nope! Nature took its course and it went down. I did make my money back in June selling the produce but July I did not sell anything. I do still have many of the houseplants that should be nice and big to sell next year.

This one is a big fat fail!

Three- Replace the old worn out, things and thoughts. 

This one is a 50/50 because somethings have been fixed and replaced and something have not, yet.

I still have not bought a car and I need one but I keep putting it off, I reckon when I am broke down on the interstate I will try harder.

My thought pattern? Yes. I am changing slowly and its for the better.  I am not feeling so sorry for people like I used to and then they run over me.

Four - Be more selfish and do more for myself. 

No not really. This one is the hardest for me because I am a caretaker by heart and not just as a job. People get sick I doctor them, people want to learn to cook I teach them, or if they are hungry I feed them and so forth.

July I did not go swimming, I did not even make time to color my hair.

I need to learn to live more in the moment instead of always following the plan or schedule.

BUT I did update my wardrobe a little and I did buy myself a CD, no matter who like the music!

So there you are two of them are coming along and two are not.

How about you? gave any thought to what you wanted to change about you back on new year day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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  1. My family is Mormon, I'm not but still have some of the ideas instilled in me. One is to stock up. I stock up a lot....It is not a bad thing.