Monday, July 4, 2016

Minimalism Monday - How to, When you need to.

July 4,2016

Happy Forth of July to all.

As we all know it gets hard to catch up when we fall behind because something major in life comes before cleaning and taking care of ourselves. Don`t get discouraged! You can and will catch up.

Last week was actually a very good week, I had made a plan, wrote it down and stuck to it.

Sometimes when we think that the home is full of clutter its not really as bad as we think it is, we just need to get organized. Having those shelves installed or a chest of drawers may be all that is needed to put things away that looks like clutter but are actually our things we use on a regular basis. Although I try not to buy "stuff," I will buy what I need to organize my things that are a part of my daily life.

For me the baskets are a no-no because they collect to much dust for me to keep up with, but they are pretty. However, I do have a couple in the media closet to hold CD`s that are listened to more often than not.

I do have a couple shelves for books, some books, I sold most of my book collection because I have read them and no I am sure I wont reread those but I do keep my how to books and my cookbooks, those I do still use.

Now, how did I do last week on the decluttering and cleaning of my own home?

A few weeks ago I had intentions of reclaiming my garage and getting rid of everything I could, I did but I see more that can be gone. 

In the corner of the garage and shed there is a huge space that had became a "catch all" when it was supposed to just be a place for the recyclables. I cleaned everything out and now its just a place for the riding mower.

I also got most of the grass mowed and the yard cleaned up from stray wind blown trash from somewhere, I have no idea where the trash comes from!

Finally! I got the living room and dining room vacuumed and dusted. I am so proud to have those rooms cleaned because I was becoming ashamed of the dust.

Like always I am keeping the laundry up but I have something to add about the laundry, I am not using the electric dryer. I have decided to hang the clothes out on a line for the sun to dry as much as possible, I have dried only two loads in two months. Most of the time I fold the clothes as I take them off the line and that saves me from doing it inside on my bed.

The kitchen is the kitchen, I seems to live there so its always being worked in and cleaned, its a never ending story.

I filed all the paperwork and I did not buy coupons this week but I clipped the ones that were given to me.

It was a good week for me! How about you? Did you get anything done you wanted done?

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

Note : I must add that I also work. I am a 24/7 caretaker. I am a full time landlady. I have a vegetable garden, pick and put the food up either by freezing or canning and what I do not use I sell, I grow houseplants to sell. I am a writer of blogs.


  1. I know what it's like to need places to put things, and for that to get in the way of keeping the house tidy. Glad to hear you were able to sort it out!

    1. Organization is the key to keeping it clean.

  2. Cleaning is my downfall. I can always keep the dishes and laundry down but I have not figured out how I accumulate so my "stuff". I really need to purge room by room.

    1. Have a nice huge yard sale, it seems easier to get rid of thing when you get something back and the stuff will be used and loved.