Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Minimalism Monday - Life Happens

July 19,2016

Life happens, its not even Monday anymore but what the heck? Better late than never, right? Minimalism Monday has always been a day to reflect on how well I am doing the minimal thing anyways and to see if I found a new way to organize or release things that I am attached to and to ask " how was your past week?"

Last week I worked and I also worked, let me explain.

I have to go out into the world and work for a living because I have not figured out how to stay home and make enough money to pay all the bills, And I have to work at home dealing with the Summer vegetable garden that I use for food all year round, And I ..... well lets just say I do everything at home as far as upkeep. That is work and work.

To save money I had vowed to use the clothes line to dry the laundry, since it was installed back in May. So far I have only used the dryer three times and I think that is a good record, but we also are in a moderate drought, if it rains its been in the late evening for the most part, I get to use the morning sunshine and mid day heat to get the job done. With that being said I made a new schedule and I wash earlier than I used to when I used the electric dryer. One day when the temps were 102° the laundry was dried in one hour!

I worked last week at the old home place that is in the city, I own it and it is always the last house to ever get worked on due to having to keep up the rental houses that is my main source of income, but I am doing baby steps and getting this one in order as best I can with the limited help I have ( seems no one wants to work, people want you to give or they just go get it from the government). When I moved I pretty much left that hoarded life behind, I did not need nor want all of that anymore. Over the years I have been working to clear the house out and I have, I have sold everything that was worth anything and the rest is absolute trash as far as I am concerned. I loaded the trash can and sat it out to the curb. I also mowed the grass and paid someone to help me clean up after the tree limbs were cut up. I did make progress with this house.

I did not do any major cleaning in my home because it was for the most part already clean, I just did the upkeep of putting things back into there place and cleaning up behind myself in the kitchen. 

I did not buy any newspapers this week so no coupon mess.

I took the recyclables to the donation bin.

I did mow half of the lawn/ yard, why only half? That was all that had actually grew and it was around the house so I used the push mower.

Now what did I buy last week? 

I had a problem last week with trespassing, I am sure I was to be robbed because strangers do not show up with an empty truck and trailer " just to turn around" in a private drive clearly marked with no trespassing signs. Plus I am in the woods. I do have security cameras but I upgraded with a new plan and cameras and I bought a driveway gate, installed that halfway up the driveway ( the driveway is what I call a city block long) there is a spot for anyone that pulls up can turn around, by the road and just before the gate so no one has to back up. Since this is my private space I do not have visitors to " just show up" all visits are planned. But I did get that done for me and my home last week.

I did use coupons to buy more home canning jars for the harvest that is in full swing. 

Now what did I get rid of?

A few years back I was having serious back problems so I often got gifts to help. I gave my sister this huge back thing that heats and buzzes in certain areas of the back and legs. I did not like it so it was time to say goodbye. 

What is the plan for this week? I am going to get rid of some of the paperwork that is old and I will not need it anymore and I need to clean out my big closet, again, because its just..... to much of what is to big for me and its really outdated. Some shirts I will sell so eBay here I come, again.

How was your past week?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. My week has been trying to get back in to swing of things. Yesterday was attempting to clean the tub. I made it halfway before giving up. I need to buy some scrubbing bubbles. It is easier on back and knees. I don't bend the way I use to. I notice laundry piling up. I will do that later to dry in the dryer after it gets dark. As I don't like hanging my unmentionables up outside for the neighborhood to see. Lol, I have no issues doing towels.

    1. When I was down in my back I bought a new mop and I would spray the tub down with scrubbing bubbles and use the mop to "wipe" off the scum, rinse the mop and kept it only for the tubs.

      I am in the woods and the wild life don`t know what panties and bras are :)

  2. If you figure out how to make money at home and survive share please...I would love to just be home...

    1. Will do! I am making that my main goal in life, to stay home and survive on little money.