Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Minimal And A Homestead - Minimalism Monday

I heard that over two million people are choosing to get off the grid and live off the land, does that mean that they are minimalist? How can you be minimal and  homestead? How about an opinion of the "new" way to get what you want and not hoard? 

In some views this can be a contradiction, minimal and living off the grid? after all you do have to have some sort of food storage and some hoard "stuff" for later use, right?

When some people hear " off the grid" they automatic get the vision of the old hermit with no running water or power, campfire to cook and ragged clothing but that is no longer how off the grid should be viewed. I want to have luxury to a point (the computer and T.V.) but I am also not afraid of hard work, to gather food and preserve it, and if need be cut wood for heat.

Two words .....Twice.

Solar Power, well water.

When I say off the grid I mean that I don`t want to continue to pay a huge power bill monthly that is at times the same as rent or a house payment. The water here is so costly that we dare not to waste a drop and its , whatever they call it when it leaves behind a whitish dust, maybe lime water? 

I want to reduce my work load in the city and not have to worry about pounding the pavement to make ends meet each month. I want to keep the money I earn and not be a slave to monthly utility bills.

But I do understand there are things to learn and get done before I disconnect the power and use only solar power, for one I need to invest in the solar power system. Some people think of the cost and walk away but when you own your own company, as I do, I know the yearly numbers and they are getting higher each year but with the same low pay, so in a couple years I will be reaping the rewards of the investment. 


I am sure this will be the best thing for me to do, a smaller house. Less space means less stuff. I remember when I lived in a smaller house with a basement, I stored my home canned foods down there and it was rare I had anything spoil. The utility cost were lower but I did not have a huge space to grow food. 

I do not intend to raise animals for food. However, I would like a few chickens.

I am a hot mess!

I am one of those people who has an office filled with paperwork that is scattered everywhere and if you move something you mess up my system, but when its time to head out the door to that meeting I grab up that scattered paperwork and head out with everything in order for presentation, leaving not a single paper behind. 

Right now I am laying the foundation, what I am getting rid of that is  clogging life up and bring in what will make it freer, mind and body, bank account and daily job.


Minimalism Monday

July 11, 2016

Last week was another wild ride in my life. I was "given" food that I refused to let rot so I bought more canning jars (investment, they last as long as they are taken care of ) and put that food up for the winter and I am sure will last me a year.

But I did get the home in better order. I cleaned the house! Yes I dusted and vacuumed, swept and mopped. 

I took off the recyclables. 

I filed paperwork and I clipped coupons ( only 2 papers this week, I am cutting back so much!)

I offered free shipping for the Ebay stuff, get rid of it or give it away.

I keep the laundry washed, hung out to dry and it gets folded right off the clothes line. No need to waste power for drying laundry in July in the state of Alabama!

But more than anything I realize that I don`t need much to make my happy, good health is the one thing that is important and to achieve that I don`t need a cluttered, dusty home. 

How did you do last week? Buy more or get rid of more?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. I admire your fortitude, definitely takes alot of planning and prep.

    1. Thank you, and years to get there :)