Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Resolutions 2016 - Lets Take A Look Back At August

Resolutions 2016 - Lets Take A Look Back

You maybe be thinking "Resolutions! this woman is crazy!" because so many people make them but let them slide after a couple of months, or we just totally forget what out life goals were for the year by getting caught up in work and daily family life, this happens but you still have plenty of time.

I learned to write down what I want to get accomplished and place it where it can be seen more often than not, A refrigerator door is a good place, or a bedroom mirror.

How am I doing? Lets see. For the eighth month of the year- August.

One - Stop shopping so much and use up the stockpile. 

I am very proud to say "accomplished" for the month of August. I have to think back but I can only see the mayonnaise and pineapple. However, I did buy cases of home canning jars to put up my own home grown vegetables and fruits. I am out of stock with Dog food and I am low of toilet paper. Other than that the pantry is going to be a work of art, so to speak, with jars of the goods I have left and will not restock as they were before. This year this room had transformed.

Two - Start a new business.

This one was going very strong for the first six months of the year and then the other two businesses/ jobs got in the way. Maybe, just maybe I can bounce back this fall and winter but its not looking good for the produce and plant business, I do have many house plants growing and they are getting full and nice, so who knows, Maybe this was a starter year and not really a full business. A fail for this one in August.

Three- Replace the old worn out, things and thoughts.

It seems I am a magnet for certain types of people. The crazier, the more they cling to me and I have no idea why. Then they turn my life upside down with their drama and its like a field day for them because they insist on more attention by putting me down. Yes I have gotten rid of a couple more of those toxic people, toxic to me anyways.

I have taken away more old junk. I have began to look at things as not a want, I am learning to view things as a need to live instead of a want for something pretty to look at. August was a good month for cleaning out an old life that does not exist anymore, its been gone for seven years.

But I this will take awhile but I am up for this challenge, so this one is a complete accomplishment for the month of August.

Four - Be more selfish and do more for myself. 

I knew this resolution would be the hardest ever for me because I am always the one taking care of others But ya know what? I am beginning to say no, a little more. I am beginning to turn off the phones till I wake. I began to buy me a new shirt instead of someone else. I began to " listen" and know that I am being used and controlled and I am cutting my loss and walking away.

I am trying my best to not be so sensitive. Although people hurt my feelings often I am not going to show it. I will just walk away because I can do without that in my life.

So Number four is an accomplishment for the month of August.

Three out of four is not bad at all! And I still have four months to go.

How about you? Have you changed your life any this year?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. No, my life is the same from last year.

    1. Now, I know you did a major clean out of your house, That is something !!!

  2. Sounds like good progress for August!

  3. This year has been pretty much the same as last year. Next year might be different though - we shall see!

    1. How about month to month? Wanna do something next month?