Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Day Two

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Day Two

August 28, 2016 

I decided to go to work today after Church because its was not going to rain and I could get the help I needed, Tony drove his truck and would supervise the roof repair since he is feeling much better and I do not like climbing a ladder. 

Last night I figured up about how many 1 x 6 x 12`s  that was needed but I did not know the price of these, a roll of felt roofing, two pounds of 8 penny nails, two pounds of 16 penny nails and one pound of 20 penny nails. One heavy duty facial mask for the inside work.

Me and Tony went to Lowe`s home improvement store and when I seen the cost of one piece of lumber my heart sank to the floor, it was $8.48. I only had $75 on me today. I already have the felt roofing and the nails and mask and that was $30 without tax.

Tony seen this stack of lumber that had something wrong with it and he told me to wait right there he would be right back. I did. He came back with one of the employees and he said " sure I will see how much." Tony told me that sometimes they will sell the bad stuff cheap and then I remember once before and all they wanted to reduce it was half price so I told him not to get his hopes up. 

The employee came back with another man and he counted it up and said " How about $20?" Tony said " okay" and we headed to check out. Tony seen three 2 x 4 x 8`s and had chunks out on the side and he said " how much for those?" The man said " Ah, I will throw those in."  At this moment I am holding back  cause I want to run and hug and kiss this man and thank him for selling all this for that cheap!

I had to do 2 Transactions and that was fine by me, the first was $35. The employee told the cashier to ring up every piece of lumber and he would fix it afterwards. It all rang up to $168!! He came over and scanned his card, did the over ride and scrolled down to cull and just like that it was $20 plus tax , $22.00

I was beyond happy! My prayers were answered. For months I have prayed for God to send me help and the materials to fix this roof so it would not ruin the house, $203 worth of material for $57! Thank you God!

I got the material at the house, the help had cut out a bad spot in the roof, Tony supervising, I tossed the lumber up on the front porch roof and handed them the nails, they got to work.

I worked inside cleaning. I used the mask because of asthma and the dust, plus I took down some of the ceiling that had water spots and it had leaked there, that was a mess.

I did get rid of more junk but for the most part I cleaned the living room and I moved all the furniture into the bedroom, except one chair and a small table and lamp.

Next I am wiping down the walls.

That was my Sunday, how was yours?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Glad to here you were able to get the materials cheap. That sure is blessing that was bestowed on you.

    1. I know, I did not think I would ever get started in this poor house.

  2. GREAT deal!

    Now, to get all the work done....

    1. Its almost finished! And I am happy, happy , happy.

  3. Prayers do get answered. After the year you've had you deserve a break today.

    1. So what do I get? A kit Kat bar :D

      I need a week long vacation!

      Yes I do believe in prayer.