Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Making Progress Slowly

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Making Progress Slowly

August 27,2016

Since I spent the most of my week working, for pay, I decided to do work for me today, a Saturday, at the old home place.

But when I take the help with me they are getting confusing, jumping here and there and not finishing anything before beginning something else.

I have to get the roof on first, there is no question about that so Tony walked around the place and seen where I could salvage lumber and not have to buy those pieces. But.... Then the help wants to check out prices at the lumber mill verses Lowe`s home improvement store or home depot home improvement store. 


First I want them on the roof to see what lumber has to be replaced, if any! I put the brakes on that. That is the plan for the next working day there at the old home place. On the roof, with paper and pen. Write down where and how much will have to be replaced, then I will go from there.

As for me I mowed the grass but it was not really that bad and did not take to long so I began to get rid of more junk, well its trash. I loaded the trash can up half way.  I also tossed a huge stack of magazines that were old and smelled musty.

I plugged up the refrigerator and put some Diet cokes and water there so that we all have something to drink, its still hot in central Alabama, within minutes you are soaking went with sweat.

I realized that I also need to write a plan out for myself, I did a mental list on the way home of what I need to take with me, a biggie is a face mask so not to inhale all the dust.

I have a feeling Tony wants this house fixed back for me because he is in fear of dying, so that I might down size and move back in if need be, or if he is in the hospital a long time I will have a place closer, this house is 3 minutes from the hospital.

I am ready to get this house cleaned up and painted. I have furniture already there so I would just have to take back a few pieces.

 I feel comfortable being there anyways, I lived there for around 23 years.

Have you started another new project, or are you like me and have a long term project to get cleaned up and organized?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Great blog Andria! I'm on blogger too! (ex bubbles writer)

    1. Yes I remember you Pam, whats your blogs name?

  2. Just keeping track of all the projects is a task in itself!

    1. It is, and sometimes I have more pokers in the fire than I need.