Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another Hell Week - Living Minimal

It should be against the law to own so much junk! I am not talking about the antique vendors that have precious items to share with those who are minimal but have nice things, I am talking about the dollar tree junk!

But in all fairness, I once was the dollar tree junkie. I am now suffering the consequences for those actions. The basement.

Week before last I got another huge trash can filled to the rim with old rotting junk, it was picked up and hauled to the dump. I also have a side porch filled with rotting old wooden junk to haul off to the dump, by the truck, This coming weekend is a free dump day and if its Gods will I will have the truck filled to full capacity.

Last week I had an eviction to move out, Without a court order, and it was filled with trash and junk. I cannot believe that one person can be so wasteful, not to mention nasty. No matter how much stuff I hoarded I still cleaned the house. I did not having it laying in the floor, not did I have rotting trash in the house.

So this week I had to use my huge trash can to clean this house out, its filled with the lid not closing, I also filled my sisters trash can AND I have more busted up wooden furniture to haul to the dump along with what I have piled up and ready to go.

I still cannot understand how people just leave their shoes, sheets, towels, and kitchen gadgets behind, those two bed pillows I do understand because that was pure filth. 

Another thing I cannot understand is the disregard for money, pocket change just thrown in the floor. But I will say that I notice this more with nasty hoarders than with cleaner hoarders.

Did you get anything accomplished in your life this week?

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry- Of rental house junk.


  1. Sounds like pathological hoarding all right, or pathological sloppiness or both.