Monday, September 12, 2016

Minimalism- Needing A Kick In The.....

Yes! that is exactly what I need, a kick in the butt! I shake my head now ten years later or maybe twenty year later and every year in between for hoarding up things like I did, for taking whatever people gave me and keeping it.

I am not just working toward minimalism for one house but now I am in two houses.

The old home place.

Yes its been weeks or maybe a month or more but I am making a huge dent in this house. Each week I am cleaning out debris and old stuff/junk. Last week I got out another huge trash can filled to the max, it`ll be picked up today and ready to refill.

I tossed a dining room table and the chairs out the door yesterday, Saturday, there was some water damage and I was not about to keep that and try to help it, trash is trash and no matter who gave it to me, its out the door. Its an object and is not that person, she only gave it to me because she got new.

Old magazines? Yes I found more and those also it the trash can.

Tossed out all the old throw rugs and bath mats.

I swept and mopped the house out once again, I think I will need to do the kitchen floors more and the weak spots will have to have repairs.

I still need to go through the closet, no clothes but tubs of stuff and the dresser and chest of drawers, to throw all those clothes away.

Now all that is left is the one bedroom, and there is not much in there because the floor is bad I will have to wait to fill the trash can with that and not until that floor is braced back up and I wont fall through and into the basement, Okay maybe I would not fall through but I am not going to chance it.

Home :

For the most part I have been doing just pick up and put up since I am gone daily to work at the other place or to just work in general ( to make a living). 

Its the same old same old. Cook and wash dishes. Wash laundry and put it away. Sweet the floors. Pile up paperwork and file it.

I did clean the silverware drawer out and wash the holder and washed all the eating utensils. :)

 I have been taking cleaners and old towels and wash rags to use at the old home place. I did load up food and take it to that house. I did take a few cords for the T.V. to connect to the antenna box that I had hoarded here in a small tub. I reckon the small stuff adds up to but I am not really tossing it but moving it and using it somewhere else, at least its organized.

The lawn(s)? I have been managing both so, so far so good.


Not really. I have not bought anything but a few staples like milk and bread, a couple packs of meat. 

I did buy a couple new t-shirts for $1.00 each but they will replace the old rags that I wore to work in I tossed out, the old shirts move to the work shirts and these new t-shirts move into the everyday wear around the house section.

How has your past week been? cleaned? removed anything?

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry


  1. One of the benefits of moving countries was to get rid of the stuff we'd hoarded. It was so refreshing to be able to work through what we needed and just get rid as we went. It's almost like a complete fresh start to a new life.

    1. Mine was too, till I had to go back and face what I left and to "Keep" this place under control.

  2. I decluttered my dresser, threw away some old earrings, tossed some clothing tags I'd been hoarding and got rid of a ruined pair of bedroom shoes.

    I hate that I' hindered by so much STUFF that isn't mine. Hubby refuses to get rid of anything ever, and it would be all out war if I tossed his junk.

    1. I battle Tony now about his stuff. Do as I was told by another minimal man, toss one thing at a time of his stuff that is not any good, he`ll never miss it. I do and I sis and no he does not miss it :)

  3. Getting ready for fall cleaning, pre snow stuff removal.

    1. Hmm, Snow is one dirty word around Alabama! Especially from Central and further south.

  4. Replies
    1. Well, you`re not a full out hoarder because there is no such thing as garbage! :)