Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Minimalism Monday - Roll Out

June 13,2016

Another week has passed and I have to say that looking back at what I accomplished makes me wonder what I did everyday!

My house is a mess at this moment.

After mopping the floors for the entire house I remember how good they felt under my bare feet and wiping down the kitchen after a canning session. To look at it now you would not have thought it was so clean just a few days ago.

No, I did not file the paperwork for the week, It is sorted but not put away.

I bought a new Rubbermaid tub to store rice in but its still waits on the pantry shelf.

I bought a couple more items of clothing, for myself and Tony. I know I really shouldn`t have.

But the good news is that I have got all the dishes washed up and I keep the laundry clean and put away.

I did get the lawn mowed and there is no stray blown in my yard trash around anymore.

I did not buy news papers for coupons! Yay for me, I am learning to not buy those when the coupons are not going to be used up soon.

I took the plastic and cardboard and paper to the recycling donation bin so that is taken care of but I still have to take the metal in to the recycling center to get weighed and then get paid.

AND the biggie happened! Two dead riding mowers went to the shop today, if they cannot be fixed we are NOT bringing them back home, that means half of the garage is empty and it will be totally up to me to replace the stray working tools to their home. Anyone can tell when we got finished working the car or truck got unloaded at the door of the garage BUT I will defend those actions with " everyday they got used" up until a couple weeks ago when I finished the last house.

I still have a deep freezer to sell that was a gift from a friend when he moved a couple hours down south, One lady wanted it but I need to make sure before its loaded and them hauled all the way to her place, but it would be wonderful to park my car in that space again.

That was a week in the life of Angie, how was your week past?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. I have decided to have a yard sale this year. I am doing a lot of cleaning and getting things together. That is one of the reasons I haven't been online that much.

    1. That is the best way to get rid of it, just remember at the end of the day to call the local donation center, or call them ahead of time for an appointment to make sure they clean up the rest for you.