Monday, June 27, 2016

Minimalism Monday - I Did What?!

My minimal hoarding life.
June 27,2016

This past week was filled with doctors appointments but not for me, for the person I am taking care of, but I did manage around the home, somewhat.

I have actually been slacking with the vacuuming and dusting, not that I don`t want to get it done I just don`t have enough time, I have to tend a vegetable garden as well as work and keep the home up, plus when he is asleep I stay as quiet as possible so he can heal, sleep helps the healing process.
I have cooked every single meal at home this past week. But I get those dishes washed and put away. Sometimes I leave them in the dish drainer till morning.

I always keep up the laundry, this week I also changed the beds and hung out those sheets to get that fresh sunshine smell.

I went through more magazines to get rid of. I unloaded a car load of recycling at the donation bin. I have all the recycling that I get paid for ready to take to the recycling center today.

I did buy the coupons this week so I clipped and filed those in the binder, I needed a lot of these this week so its worth the money to get the newspapers.

I filed the paperwork but there was not much of it.

I did not get around to mowing the grass, its not to bad because of the moderate drought, just patches are tall and seeding, other areas short and barely making it.

Now to the things I added to my stockpile this week, was sixteen cans green beans/ sweet peas  because the deer ate mine out of the garden. I did stock on dog food because it was on sale and I did have coupons to get this really cheap. I have to continue to buy toilet paper no matter what! To stock as cheap as possible but I just bought one twelve pack this time around.

The good part of my past week :

The garage got cleaned out! Everything was gone through, trash with trash, tools put away. Old lawnmowers gone! Scrap pile together to haul off today. Cans ready to sell (recycling). Deep freezer sold and ready to be loaded today and taken to its new home. I now can park my car in the garage! 

But, I was not happy where I had to put my flower pots but I reckon it`ll do for now, I do need that green house badly.If its Gods will I will have one before winter.

I did not buy anything new for the house, nor an clothing or shoes, no books, nothing. I only bought things to preserve food or was actual food. Good for me!

How was your past week? Have you done a early summer clean up and get rid of yet?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. This past week I bought groceries at Walmart. I also bought my grandson his birthday gift, my boyfriend a father's day gift, and my daughter some new undies. I did find a few deals. I wasn't able to use coupons. However, I did submit everything to Walmart saving center to see if I could save money. I was able to save a few dollars. Right now I am allowing the money I save stack up for a bigger gift card.

    I recently ordered two book shelves from Walmart. Two days after ordering it. It went on sale. I wrote Walmart and asked them if they could refund me the difference. They were happy to do so. I was refunded $40. Yeah!!

    1. That was awesome! I should do that from now on out.

  2. You are too dang organized. lol Hoping for a break in the high temps so I can finish trimming my neighbor's hedges without overheating.

  3. You are too dang organized. lol Hoping for a break in the high temps so I can finish trimming my neighbor's hedges without overheating.