Saturday, October 15, 2016

Getting It For Free - My Minimal Hoarding Life

The first two weeks of this month had been hectic to say the least. First with the lady being evicted and having to use my trash can to get rid of the trash she left behind and then my other job having to come first because I could not leave home for a couple of days, I felt as though I was falling behind at the old home place.

But....... I managed! I did get some progress made.

One day I took an hour and filled the trash can with more small junk from the basement, the basement of decay is what I have nicked named it. What people do not understand is that even of its dry in the basement there is still a lot of moisture when you live in Alabama. So unless its sealed, air tight with your own forced air inside and you use it a lot, then you get the basement smell and dampness. Anything wooden does not have a chance! Especially being left alone for around seven years.

For weeks now I have been piling up the bigger junk outside on the side porch and today was the day, Free dump day. Four times a year the county landfill gives free days and this is the last one of the year. I got rid of an old T.v. a dining room table and chairs, a coat rack/ stand, an old tater/ onion holder, Two tables left from the rental house that I could not put in the trash can. And old busted up tiles I removed from the floor of the last rental repair. The truck was filled and side boards added , then tied down.

From home I had some broken glass that I added to this load.

There ya go! Making things a little more minimal and saving even more money while doing so. Cost would have been $10

For more on how I saved money for me and my sister click here :

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry - The landfill 10-15-16

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another Hell Week - Living Minimal

It should be against the law to own so much junk! I am not talking about the antique vendors that have precious items to share with those who are minimal but have nice things, I am talking about the dollar tree junk!

But in all fairness, I once was the dollar tree junkie. I am now suffering the consequences for those actions. The basement.

Week before last I got another huge trash can filled to the rim with old rotting junk, it was picked up and hauled to the dump. I also have a side porch filled with rotting old wooden junk to haul off to the dump, by the truck, This coming weekend is a free dump day and if its Gods will I will have the truck filled to full capacity.

Last week I had an eviction to move out, Without a court order, and it was filled with trash and junk. I cannot believe that one person can be so wasteful, not to mention nasty. No matter how much stuff I hoarded I still cleaned the house. I did not having it laying in the floor, not did I have rotting trash in the house.

So this week I had to use my huge trash can to clean this house out, its filled with the lid not closing, I also filled my sisters trash can AND I have more busted up wooden furniture to haul to the dump along with what I have piled up and ready to go.

I still cannot understand how people just leave their shoes, sheets, towels, and kitchen gadgets behind, those two bed pillows I do understand because that was pure filth. 

Another thing I cannot understand is the disregard for money, pocket change just thrown in the floor. But I will say that I notice this more with nasty hoarders than with cleaner hoarders.

Did you get anything accomplished in your life this week?

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry- Of rental house junk.