Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Minimalism And Me - Car Lot Yard

This one is the most difficult for me and being a woman it really shouldn`t be but I get attached to to cars.

As  a teenager I bought cars but back then I could pick up a good car for $500 and that car would last me forever, but being a teen the title was not ever in my name, always my dads or ex`s till I divorced him, those cars were sold.

When the insurance laws went into effect back in 1999 my dad gave up driving but he needed a reliable way to get around and that was me, we bought a 1995 Subaru at a dealership when they had a "half price" sale and we got it for a wonder price of $1600. I asked " Why did you put it in my name?" He asked " you`ll never have to walk again." Yes I still have that car and I still drive it but last Summer I pulled in the yard, parked and it would not crank, no I have not tried to fix it but I think its just the battery. I have a problem getting rid of this car.

Next is the newest car I ever had and I bought it in 2003 and it is a 2001 P.T. Cruiser. When I seen the first one I wanted it. Years passed but each time one passed me on the road I said " my car." I knew I had some money coming and I spotted one on a used car lot and I said " I will buy that car." I did and I am still driving with 319,000 miles but as it goes with any car, it has to be kept up and the older it gets the more up keep. Right now I have it parked because it needs wheel barrings, a heater coil and a gas filter. 

And I am not the only one.

Tony still has his muscle car, a 1976 Nova. Yes it has a good motor and transmission,Good paint job, he redid the interior but it needs tires, tail lights and a windshield. Yes we have been dragging this thing around for so many years. 

BUT that is not all, He also has his Nissan pickup truck that the timing belt was going out and Cobb automotive really messed it up, now it ticks. When it was taken to another shop the mechanic showed Tony where the idiot couldn`t get the part to fit so he CUT down an important part to make it. Its still running and he still drives it but its one of those "I might get back home and I might not" deals.

So what am I going to do today? 

I am going to look at another car. Something I can feel safe to drive and make it back home. The price is right, I just hope I like it.

Now how do I deal with the yard full of hoarded cars?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry